35 Mana Colors in Magic the Gathering

A player by the name savatte has come up with a combo in Magic the Gathering that allows creating 30 new colors of mana! Adding to the usual 5, that's 35 different colors of mana. If you count colorless, then it's 36.

[Youtube] Unusual and weird Magic: The Gathering mana colors - brown, gray, purple, and many, many more!

Here is a list of the combo cards mentioned in the video for easier reading:

[Scryfall] Avatar of Me

[Scryfall] Faeburrow Elder

[Scryfall] Water Gun Balloon Game

[Scryfall] Sword of Dungeons & Dragons

[Scryfall] Gray Ogre

[Scryfall] Artificial Evolution

[Scryfall] Evil Eye of Orms-by-Gore

It's interesting to see how far this game can be pushed with all the abilities that have been granted over the years. The combo does use Un-cards, but I'm willing to let that slide in the name of fun.

It's also interesting to see that the designers have toyed with the idea of alternate colors in the past. I've recently been thinking about what balance implications there could be to adding a new core color to Magic. Surely the designers have too.

In my opinion, adding a new dedicated color would add more complexity without really adding much new in terms of gameplay. A new color could potentially add a new style, but the meta is already in a complex state, and there's not much design room left.