Zelena's Gemlog

2023-09-04 Beware Reddit's New Tracking URLs

2023-07-17 How Much Space Is Saved By Using Tabs In Code?

2023-06-30 Discord, Youtube, Reddit, and Twitter Are All Attempting Self-Destruction

2023-06-29 Updated Thoughts On Gemini

2023-06-20 [Scarlet Heroes Character Creation Thoughts...]

2023-06-13 Flatpak's Sandboxing Works

2023-06-12 Gemtext can be worse than plaintext

2023-06-11 [Problematic Monoculture Reductivism in Literary An...]

2023-06-06 The Search For An OSR System

2023-04-23 35 Mana Colors in Magic the Gathering

2023-04-21 Mojang Makes A Good Ban Decision. People Still Upset.

2023-04-02 DuckDuckGo Is Leaking Location Data And Could Be Violating FTC Guidelines

2023-03-24 Looking at new search engines

2023-03-14 Trying Regicide (The Game)

2023-03-04 DuckDuckGo is promoting the filter bubble to users

2023-02-21 Infinite Hotel Solution

2023-02-19 Magic: The Gathering is missing an entry point for new players

2023-02-06 Instant Messengers VS Bad Internet

2022-07-13 The June Archive and Restoration Project

2022-06-29 Berty, A New Offline-First Messenger

2022-06-24 Stop Using Twitter For Comics

2022-06-22 Wash Your Steering Wheel

2022-05-26 Pushing Gemini

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